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Every person and pet shop owner who owns a snake or lizard must register his/her animal with the City. No fee will be charged for the registration of such animal. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 3, no person shall, on public property, walk with or ride on any animal listed in Section 2. The premises of an Institution of Education where such animals are being kept for research, study or teaching purposes, or on premises registered as Research Facilities under the Animal for Research Act. Where, at the end of the said three days, possession of the dog has not been restored to the owner, the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer may destroy the dog in a humane manner. Any dog seized pursuant to section 12 a) of this by-law, shall be taken to the municipal pound.

Sections 7 and 8 of this by-law shall not apply to land which is lawfully used for outdoor storage of materials in compliance with the applicable zoning and licensing by-laws and regulations. No person shall store or leave a refrigerator, freezer, stove or other similar appliance and furniture on a porch, deck, or in any yard or street or similar area which is not in working condition. No person shall store or leave a refrigerator, freezer, stove or other similar appliance and furniture on a porch, deck, or in any yard or side yard or similar area having a self-latching device or self-locking device. No person shall, within the City, fail to drain an accumulation of water exceeding 30 cm in depth. No person shall, within the City, fail to clear land of industrial waste. No person shall, within the City, fail to clear land of domestic waste. Every owner shall keep his land clean, cleared and free from domestic and industrial waste. Every owner shall fill an excavation on the land unless it isenclosed completely by a temporary barrier at least 122 cm (48″) in height in such a manner as to prevent an unsafe condition. Every owner shall keep his land filled up and drained. Shall mean the holding unit used to store yard and garden household waste for the purpose of composting. If the property is leased to another party, ensure that the tenants know the civic address. If a plan of subdivision is involved, the Municipality will not give its final approval until suitable road names have been determined and the proponent so advised.

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46.1 To maintain the integrity of the procurement process, bidders who feel that they have been treated unfairly shall contact the City’s contact listed on the bid document to request a debriefing in which the issues of concern may be discussed. 42.9 Unauthorized procurement by City employees and flagrant disregard for the Procurement By-law or procurement policies and procedures is not acceptable. With an aim to inspire Procurement By-law adherence and minimize the possibility of City embarrassment and potential liability, the responsibility for payment may become that of the individual who procured the goods or services. If the Manager of Supply administers a procurement process for any other entities, then the other entities will be governed by this Procurement By-law for the particular goods and/ or services that is procured. Where possible, when a RFP competition is conducted, accessibility will be one of the evaluation criteria that will be considered in the decision making process. 29.1 For goods and services procurement estimated at $100,000 or more and construction procurement estimated at $250,000 or more, the City is required to use an electronic advertising/tendering system providing equal access to potential vendors across the country. Other methods of advertising may be used in addition to an electronic system.

  • No person shall discharge any prohibited fireworks.
  • 6.2 No person shall enjoy a vested right in the continuance of a license and upon the suspension or revocation, the license and/or plate which are the property of the city, shall be returned.
  • Where official or authorized signs have been erected, parking is allowed on one side of highways having a minimum width of six meters and traffic volumes below 500 vehicles per day.
  • The City will also provide a regular and satisfactory collection of Type II Garbage provided that this Type II Garbage is in an acceptable container and placed at the intersection of a public road.

5.1 A Person who is served with a Penalty Notice may request that the Administrative Penalty be reviewed by a Screening Officer and shall do so on or before the date on which the Administrative Penalty is due and payable, and in accordance with the process set out in Section 5.4. 3.1 Every Person who contravenes a provision of a Designated By-law shall, upon issuance of a Penalty Notice, be liable to pay the City an Administrative Penalty in the amount specified in the attached schedule. Where the contravention is in relation to property that is jointly owned, all registered property owners shall be jointly liable for the Penalty. 1.31. Screening Officer means Manager of Municipal Enforcement or any person who performs the functions of a Screening Officer in accordance with section 5 of this By-law, as designated by the Director, Construction and Protective Services. Public requests for disclosure – Any person may make a written request for access to video records created through a video surveillance system through the freedom of information process. Access may depend on whether there is an unjustified invasion of another individual’s privacy and whether any exempt information can be reasonably severed from the record. Engagement Process This is the most innovative process. It requires the municipality and the public to work in partnership to achieve a common goal and to share responsibility of the outcome. Deliberative Process This process should be considered when consultation needs to go beyond the consultative process. This process is a great tool to get the public involved in understanding, confirming or determining what the real issue is in particular cases in order to subsequently enable the municipality to conclude with an acceptable solution. Consultative Process This is the most traditional process.

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